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Welcome to the health section of our website. The forum has been working closely with NHS Wandsworth, the local Primary Care Trust*, for a number of years to ensure that local health services listen to the voices of the Wandsworth LGBT Communities. The National Health Service is here for all and it has a duty to listen to what we have to say about local services. It is particularly important at the moment, with the NHS going through major changes in how services are commissioned, provided and delivered.

We have developed a good working relationship with NHS Wandsworth over recent years and have worked with them on a number of health issues. NHS Wandsworth regularly makes presentations about local health issues to the Forum. The Forum is represented on the PCT’s Thinking Partners Group, which deals with equality and diversity issues and we are supporting the PCT in its role as a Stonewall Diversity champion, a scheme to ensure that it is a good employer from a LGBT perspective.

We would strongly urge all our LGBT friends living or working in Wandsworth to help inform the local development of health services and to ensure that all health services are LGBT friendly and designed so that people are comfortable and confident in using them.

* A primary care trust is the organisation responsible for ensuring that all healthcare needs are provided for, across a geographical area. These range from GP and dental services to major hospitals and health initiatives. Our local primary care trust is NHS Wandsworth.

Make a difference by helping shape your local HIV Prevention, Care and Support Services in Wandsworth

Wandsworth Council Public Health Department have commissioned a local rapid needs assessment project to inform its future commissioning and delivery of local HIV prevention care and support services. A key part of this needs assessment is to gather the views and experience of local residents in shaping local HIV prevention, care and support services.

For further details please contact Yohannes Fassil, Interim Project Manager, Wandsworth Public Health at or or call 07752 538 529.

The deadline for submitting your views and comments is 13 October 2013

Wandsworth Youth Health Jury

In 2008, Wandsworth Voluntary Sector Development Agency (WVSDA) were commissioned through Race for Health funding to develop a 12 month programme to better understand young people's views and perceptions of health services in Wandsworth. In August 2008, Wandsworth Youth Health Jury (YHJ) was established as a direct result of this youth engagement project to empower young people to have their say on health services in the borough.

youth jury

What's in it for you?
Becoming part of the YHJ will give you the opportunity to:

  • Learn new skills
  • Meet other young people with similar interests
  • Have fun!

What does it involve?
Joining is simple (just give us a shout on the details below) and you don’t have to give up too much of your time - just one meeting a month and it's totally up to you how much you join in other activities.
To give you a taster of what the YHJ has been up to recently, we have made a film about our work, assisted NHS Wandsworth with a Mental Health Needs Assessment for young people and recently held a Workshop for Health Professionals in Wandsworth to showcase our work, which was very positively received!
We care about your views and we want to empower you to help us make decisions that will benefit the young people of Wandsworth.

You're welcome

  • Want to be part of an exciting project aimed at improving health services for young people?
  • Always wanted to be a mystery shopper?
  • Want to help NHS managers to make decisions on whether services in Wandsworth really are young-people friendly?

We are looking for young people who want to get involved in the ‘You're Welcome’ project by training as mystery shoppers and making sure that we are providing you with a wide choice of health services that are:

  • Easy to get to and use
  • Suitable to your needs
  • Of a high quality

How do I get involved?
If you would like to join the YHJ, or are interested in becoming a mystery shopper, please contact us at:
Patient and Public Involvement Team
NHS Wandsworth
3rd Floor
Wimbledon Bridge House
1 Hartfield Road
London SW19 3RU

Call us: 020 8812 7926
Text us: 07775 020253
Email us:

Join our Facebook group: Wandsworth Young Voices
To find out more about the Wandsworth Youth Health Jury and You're Welcome, visit:

How you can get involved

If you want answers about local health services by all means ask us here at the Forum. We will get the answer for you. However, why not do it yourself?

You can do this by asking the Patient Advice and Liaison Service by calling 020 8487 6322 or emailing

If you would like to help influence how services are provided and developed, or simply want to know what is happening about health, there are a number of ways you can make this happen. Contact the Patient and Public Involvement Team who can suggest the best way for this to happen for you.

Check out the PCT's website or email; they will be happy to hear from you.