your rights

I am PC John Frame and I’d like to welcome to you to this section on your rights.

I am the LGBT Coordinator for the borough of Wandsworth and the current Vice Chair of the forum.

This page is dedicated to informing you of your rights and of changes in both national and local policy. It is also a medium for advice on crime prevention and personal safety.

If you wish to report a crime you can do this at your local police station or you can call me and make an appointment. If you would like to access a third party reporting form online, please click here:

Meet your liaison officer

Every first Monday of the month your police liaison officer will be at the Courtyard Clinic.
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Trans online reporting form:

My contact details are:
John Frame
Police Constable 976WW
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Liaison Coordinator
mobile: 0781 500 5655
address: 176 Lavender Hill, SW11 1JX