who we are

David Robson

My name is David Robson and I am the current Chair of the Wandsworth LGBT Forum. I have been involved with forum for several years now, since my student days at Roehampton University, and after being Vice-Chair in 2009 I took this year as my opportunity to step up.

Having been the Vice President of Welfare and Campaigns for two years at Roehampton Students Union (2007/09) I began to gain a wider understanding of wider social and political issues. As well as my time at the union I became heavily involved with the National Union of Students becoming the London regional observer and frequent grass roots campaigner.

It was through these avenues that I began to become a representative for the student voice and developed strongly into a pro active campaigner/activist. I liaised with a number of organisations on diverse subjects and led the union on effective strong campaigns such as the 'Donation not discrimination' campaign (A campaign that seeks to see the blood ban over turned on Gay men), Black and LGBT History Month, Students and housing issues and various sexual health campaigns to name but a few.

It is these experiences of campaigning and achieving results that I wish to see implemented into the forum. I wish us to become a strong voice for the Wandsworth LGBT community that is representative and delivers action and results.

Graham Harris

Graham has been the Secretary of the Forum since 2007. He gets involved in all aspects of the Forum's activities and thoroughly enjoys it. However, he is anxious to form an Older LGBT Community social group in Wandsworth; concentrating on trips out to theatres, cinema, art galleries, museums, etc for those who have time on their hands during the day. Graham does a lot of voluntary work in the local community and enjoys reading, listening to classical music, rambling and visiting places of interest, especially if there is a rail journey involved. Graham is the oldest member of the Committee and takes his role as Secretary very seriously. But after all the serious stuff he shows that he is 'young at heart' and enjoys a good laugh with friends.

Colin Smith

Colin is the Patient and Public Involvement Manager for NHS Wandsworth and is responsible for supporting and maintaining a strategic framework across the Primary Care Trust (PCT) to ensure delivery of key targets for patient and public involvement. Within this role he is there to encourage, inspire and support PCT staff to involve patients and the public in meaningful, appropriate and effective ways; and encourage, enable and support patients and Wandsworth residents to become involved in the work of the PCT. Although he has spent many years working in the NHS, he has also worked in the Voluntary / Charity Sector on homelessness and has over 20 years experience empowering people to take control over their health. He set up a large HIV charity in the 1980’s, which today is providing services across a large number of PCTs and local authorities in east London. He has been involved with the LGBT forum since its early days and is keen to ensure that the LGBT communities in Wandsworth play an active and vocal role in the local health agenda.

Jonathan Kettle

Jonathan has been living in and around Wandsworth since graduating from Roehampton University in 2009. He only recently became a member of the forum, in 2013, but is very keen to act as a spokesperson for the LGBT community in the area, and help out wherever possible. He currently works for the Neurosciences department at St. George’s hospital in Tooting.